My Favorite Cars


This is a collection of photos of some of the cars I have owned (some of them owned me) and, in some cases still own.

2000 Grand Cherokee



                     1999 Dodge Dakota               '70 GT 6                                  '63 Dodge                               

                      (my newest truck)           (spent more time under it than in it)      (my first car, ran the wheels off it)         



                                  '70 Dodge                               '63 Dodge                               '71 Vega                                

                          (my first lemon)                     (sometimes it broke)            (my first "fun" car)                                               



                                  '66 Baracuda                        '72 Spitfire  in 1997                 New '72 Spitfire                                 

                                (my first fast car)                      (kept this one)                   (an oil leak they built a car around)  



    '59 Travelall                     '66 Porsche 912                          '82 Toyota

        (borrowed from my father-in-law)       (got too emotionally involved with it)        (went everywhere I asked it to go)


      '70 GT 6                             '75 Jeep CJ5                                '53 Ford

(looked good that day, probably lost 2nd gear)      (went places I was afraid to go)      (my high school car)



1985 Tunderbird                     '48 Ford 8N                         '70 International A150




   since 12 February 2000

last updated 13 August 2000