Nevada Ghost Towns

I spent quite a bit of time in the early 1980's wandering around the state of Nevada looking for old mining camps and Ghost Towns. I used several reference books and topographical maps to locate them. By then, the coins and bottles were gone and people were starting to carry away the "buildings". I took a lot of photographs and a few of those are included on this page. I have many more photos and will add some from time to time.



Poinsettia in the Snow                  Burros at Marietta               House at General Thomas      



               Tressel at General Thomas        Mine entrance at General Thomas      Processor at Crescent Vly      



     Ore tressel in Crescent Vly      Wild horses in Crescent Vly          Ore processor                                               



                Ore Tressel      Ore Processor in Jawbidge      House in Jawbidge           



                   Tank in Jawbidge      Headframe in Jawbidge    Path in Marietta            



                Marietta             Tram Engine            Tram at Marietta            



         Mine Entrance at Marietta        Hotel at Ophir Canyon        D9 at Weepah     



          Wildflowers           Headframe at Austin           Headframe      



          House at General Thomas     Cars in the Dump            Ore Cart Rails     



         Mine Entrance near Battle Mtn        House at Jefferson           Wildflowers    





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