Our Pet Rabbits


2008 Rabbit photos


Snoopy Too has babies on 14 June 2003



             Bear                             Daisy doo                          Hazel                         





                                                        Dusty                                                      Sammy                                                      Misty





                   Smokey                                                            SpyderMan







             Cinnamon                               Our Red Satin Pages                              Our Holland Lops

                                                                                                (Scooter and Snoopy Too)




                   Baby Snowball (Fall 1994)     Baby Cinnamon



Baby WB (Wild Bunny)     Baby Snoopy            Baby Snowball



         Sadi                        8-Ball                         Cinnamon   



Cinnamon                                   Cinnamon



Recent "old" Bunny Photos:



Cinnamon (Fall 2000)


  Cinnamon died 13 May 2004


Snoopy (Fall 2000)


Snoopy died July 2002


WB (Fall 2000)


Wild Bunny (WB) died July 16, 2005 (Nearly 10 years old)


Snowball (Fall 2000)



8-Ball died September 2000




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   since 12 February 2000

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